Delta Optical Titanium 1-4x24 IR (4A reticle) céltávcs?


Delta Optical Titanium 1-4x24 IR (4A reticle)

Our leading Delta Optical Titanium riflescope series has become very popular in Poland and Europe. High level of light transmission of about 92% for entire optical system of the riflescope, makes it the one among the best. Centrally illuminated red dot will help You to take aim even in limited lighting conditions. Another characteristic feature of Delta Optical Titanium riflescopes is high mechanical resistance. Built of a strong, 30 mm dia. tube they whistand shots with largest, even 9.3 x 62 bore gun! Owing to nitrogen filling they are water and fog resistant also. Titanium series riflescopes make uniue quality for reasonable price.

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