Nikko Stirling Nighteater 3-12x56 - 30mm / Abs. 4 beleuchtet


Named the NIGHTEATER because it was developed for the professional Kangaroo shooters in Australia who hunt exclusively at night, head-shooting kangaroos at 200-300m to harvest the meat and skins.


The NIGHTEATER Scopes are made in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The lenses we use are Grade A which are the best available. Other brands typically use Grades B, C and D to save costs. The lens coatings used are also a key factor in the clarity achieved by the NIGHTEATER range. We offer the exclusive MICROLUX ETE coatings on all lenses, which improves light transfer to the hunter's eyes. Most other maker's only coat the external lens or worse, just use a coloured tint for looks.

PLATINUM NIGHTEATER Illuminated models allow for faster more accurate shooting in low light conditions as the illuminated reticle is more easily seen by your eyes. The brightness is adjustable through 12 settings allowing you to set the brightness to suit the conditions encountered whilst hunting.

Key Features found on all NIGHTEATER scopes
  • Grade “A” fully multicoated lenses with MICROLUX ETE coatings
  • One piece body for strength, rigidity and improved accuracy
  • Saddle parallax adjustment from 10m to infinity
  • Stylish “built in” sunshade
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Waterproof as each scope is tested to 1.5m
  • Shock tested more than 200 times to the equivalent of 240kg!
  • Nitrogen filled for fog proofing
  • Nighteater Illuminated Models

Key Features of the 30mm style
  • Extended Mil-dot which allows for the greater targeting
  • Ranges before adjustment is required
  • Large side wheel available. Standard on the 6-24x56AG
  • 120mm sunshade extention
  • Precise target style adjustments
  • Illuminated reticle available on the 6-24x56AG
  • Push pull adjustments that lock to ensure accuracy
Model Actual Mag'n Obj Diam mm FOV at 100 yds Adj Grad'n Eye Relief in. Tube Diam in. Lgth in. Wgt oz. Special Feature
NPT1250 12 50 10 1/8 3.5 30 15.55 22.22 saddle focus,push pull systen for W/E
NPT41650 4-16 50 25.7 1/8 3.5 30 15.35 24.69 saddle focus,push pull systen for W/E
NPT856 8 56 12 1/8 3.5 30 15.50 23.60 saddle focus,push pull systen for W/E
NPT62456 6-24 56 16.5-5 1/8 3.5 30 16.06 26.10 saddle focus,push pull systen for W/E
NPT62456AG 6-24 56 16.5-5 1/8 3.5 30 16.06 26.10

saddle focus,push pull systen for W/E with side wheel

NPT83260AG 8-32 60 11-3 1/8 3.5 30 16.50 28.00 saddle focus,push pull systen for W/E with side wheel
NPT105060AG 10-50 60 10.5-2.2 1/8 3.5 30 18.30 29.50 saddle focus,push pull systen for W/E with side wheel



Die NIGHTEATER Zielfernrohre wurden für die Nachtjagd in Australien entwickelt. Später wurden sie für die speziel-
len Bedürfnisse der Jäger und Sportschützen in Europa verbessert. Die NIGHTEATER Zielfernrohre sind mit hoch-
wertigen Kategorie A-Linsen ausgestattet.

Damit die NIGHTEATER Gläser den höchsten Standard erreichen, werden die Linsen mit dem exklusiven Material 'MICROLUX ETE' beschichtet. Dies ermöglicht ein Höchstmaß an Lichttransfer. Die beleuchteten Absehen der PLATINUM NIGHTEATER Zielfernrohre erlauben ein schnelles, sicheres Erfassen des Zieles bei schlechten Sichtverhältnissen. Die Helligkeit des Absehens kann durch 12-faches Verstellen der wechselnden Umgebungshelligkeit angepasst werden. Alle Zielfernrohre dieser Serie sind mit hochwertiger japanischer Optik ausgestattet und mit der speziellen 'MICROLUX ETE' Mehrfachbeschichtung versehen. Nighteater-Gläser sind für alle Licht- und Wetterverhältnisse geeignet. Das seitliche Parallaxen-Verstellrad ist leicht und schnell zu bedienen.

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  • Produs de: Nikko Stirling